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The year 2022 brought a ray of hope to travellers all over the world. With the “new normal” settling in, we finally had something to look forward to outside of our four walls (with all safety precautions in place, of course). This is reflected in search behaviour, with travel plans gradually increasing over the months.

It’s been so long since we’ve gone on a “carefree” trip without the pandemic weighing on us that immediate nostalgia faded within days of the pandemic, and people began reminiscing about long-ago adventures, childhood vacations, and even a different era altogether.

This is where themed travel comes into the picture.

Have you ever experienced a themed vacation that revolves around a singular essence?

Yes, it is a one of its kind initiative by Vacation Studio to help our enthusiastic travellers get the best of destinations. We put together the choicest vacation spots together in a theme and ensure the elements that define it are at their best, when you travel there. With our vast experience in vacation planning, we are all equipped to give you some of the best themes for vacations just the way you want.

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The Beach Vibes – From the glistening sands of Maldivian beaches to the scintillating sun of Hawai’s seasides, the beach vacation that we handpicked for you is sure to enthral you.

Our best luxury beach vacations include sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear water, shimmering sand, a cool breeze, and delectable seafood. Beach vacations are guaranteed to be exciting. Watersports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking, and surfing are available for those seeking adventure. Relish the exotic marine life such as clownfish, mandarin fish, mimic octopus, manta rays, turtles, and many more. On a honeymoon? Enjoy a romantic candle-light dinner, spa treatments, and take in the breathtaking sunset view. Tempt your taste buds with succulent prawns, crabs, lobsters, and oysters. Be the underwater photographer and improve your creative skills.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get some vitamin “sea”!


The Safari Trail – Hello wildlife wanderer! Let’s find the hidden treasures together, let’s meet our next jungle friend on a wild safari! Let’s go!

No matter how many wildlife documentaries you’ve watched, you are never experiencing the real thing. Allow us to take you on an African safari or a for the best animal viewing on the planet. If you are one who prefers a more social experience with other travellers, we can take you on a group safari tour. If you prefer the thrill of an independent adventure, we offer you an exclusive luxury safari holiday. So with us, you can choose as per your preference with your own private driver/guide.

Let’s go wild!


The Northern Lights – Discover the most extensive selection of Northern Lights vacations to Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Travel with Northern Lights specialists.

Our bespoke Northern Lights tours are devoted to the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. These most magnificent and natural displays of green, white, and purple light are spectacular in the Polar Regions within a 2500 km radius of the geomagnetic pole. The Aurora Borealis viewing zone encompasses Lapland in northern Scandinavia, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and Finland. And what more? This is our area of expertise, and we are here to assist you in fulfilling this bucket list item.
Let’s go, Northern Lights!


Historical, Heritage & Culture – History interests you, and we love that! Allow us to take you through the times immemorial and relive the cultural gems royally!

History is not limited to the static pages of a book. Visit some of the best historical locations with us with our bespoke holiday packages, and immerse yourself in the fascinating past of the nations. Experience the forlorn tales firsthand. No matter how long or far you plan to travel, there’s no denying that learning about a country’s history is far more exciting in the field than in the classroom. This is why history trips and vacations we carefully craft for you are quickly becoming one of our best-selling trips. With the battlefields and heritage sites of Ethiopia, Mongolia, India and many more, we help you form an unforgettably worthwhile journey towards the worlds of the bygone eras!

Let’s taste the history!


Cruise – Longing to cruise the pristine waters? We have the cruises that will make you feel like heaven stay. Let’s cruise, right?

A luxury cruise vacation with us is always awe-inspiring as you experience the magic of seawaters. From the exquisite food to the impeccable service, you will undoubtedly fall in love with cruising, just as so many of us have! The royal ambience, the silent sail, the breeze on your face while overlooking the ocean, and the luxury of oneness with nature. That’s what a carefully crafted cruise trip with us means. Also, you simply cannot get enough of the spectacular entertainment and onboard activities. We are confident that you will ask for more as we take you through the experience-packed exclusive cruise holidays with us.

Let’s go cruising!